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Business management and family office

Business management encompasses business best practices along with efficiencies and streamlined processes. We are well versed in providing the mid-sized business owners and managers with best practice models and implementation.
We work seamlessly with your other trusted advisors to ensure that decisions are made to keep your best interest in mind. We take your privacy very seriously by using modern technology and two-factor authentication to ensure your financial affairs remain private. 

Our services include:
  • Bill paying, general ledger, and financial reporting
  • Cash flow budgeting and planning
  • Life and casualty insurance review
  • Records management
  • Primary and vacation home administration, domestic and international
  • Assistance and coordination of the acquisition and/or leasing of other capital assets
  • Assistance and coordination of mortgages and other financing needs including lines of credit
  • Domestic employment matters and payroll administration
  • Reaping the full benefits from charitable contributions
  • Charitable contribution planning
  • Education funding