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Canadian taxation

Pellegrino, Saccomani & Wells, CPA’s, LLP partner Joseph Saccomani is also a licensed Canadian Chartered Accountant, with decades of Canadian compliance and advisory experience to assist small and medium-sized business owners to navigate the complex arena of international tax, even with our cousins to the north.
Many Corporations and individuals in business mistakenly assume doing business in Canada is not fraught with perils. The Canadian federal sales tax, as well as Provincial sales tax issues, are as complex as those in the United States. Proper planning can avoid costly mistakes.
We develop creative approaches to minimizing costs, reducing risks and maximizing the tax benefits for Canadian cross-border businesses, with the goal of providing seamless service to multi-jurisdictional clients. We can work with qualified attorneys to ensure the correct:
  • Choice of entity and capitalization issues
  • Business expansion issues
  • Inbound and outbound tax issues
  • Tax-effective joint venture arrangements
  • Business restructuring
  • Executive and employee transfer issues
  • Treaty planning and interpretation
  • Repatriation strategies
  • International technology licenses, patents, and royalties
  • Employment tax
  • Withholding tax
  • Dividend and loan taxation
  • Tax matters related to joint ventures, partnerships, and limited liability companies
  • Corporate tax matters
  • Real property taxation and structures
We also advise people with Canadian cross-border interests, including business owners, senior executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and high-net-worth individuals, on United States tax issues related to their investments and business in Canada and vice versa.

We can assist you in:
  • Income tax planning in both the United States and Canada
  • Estate planning, including business succession planning
  • Tax issues related to Canadian business holdings